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Where Jim Wallis Stands: The longtime activist on abortion, gay marriage, Iraq — and biblical orthodoxy

19 Apr

Jim Wallis was recently interviewed by Christianity Today. I have found his talks, books and other thoughts very helpful. He is usually criticized by liberals and conservative Christians alike. The ironic part is that he receives much of his criticism because of his willingness to try to see both sides of these seemingly opposite teams. Here are the introductory words to the article and the link to the whole thing:

Jim Wallis wants you to know he’s not a liberal. Yes, he’s been a chief critic of the Religious Right since its inception, gave the Democratic weekly radio address after the 2006 midterm elections, and has been an often-controversial voice for social justice since his early-’70s days at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. But, he says, his chief critics these days are liberals, not conservatives. “There is a Religious Left in this country, and I’m not a part of it,” Wallis said when he stopped by Christianity Today’s offices during his February tour for his latest book, The Great Awakening. Meanwhile, he says, theologically conservative evangelicals (especially young ones) are flocking to his message and are “deserting the Religious Right in droves” because it attempted to “restrict the language of ‘moral values’ to just two issues—abortion and gay marriage.”

Check out the full article here.