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Embarrasing Religous Bedmates…

23 May

Politicians are funny. All sides. In an attempt to show themselves as a person who is in touch with spiritual values they align themselves with some pretty bizarre Christian leaders. Unfortunately the more bizarre leaders are the larger the congregations they have. Then politicians see that these people have a large influence and accept their endorsements only to find out that these guys have said some pretty bizarre things.

Just last week John McCain had to reject the endorsements of John Hagee and Rod Parsely. He just campaigned with Parsely on stage in February where he called him a moral compass. Unfortunately, he didn’t know Parsley’s stance on Islam. Watch video below to see for yourself. I don’t believe in being soft in seeing the theological differences between Islam and Christianity but our response to Islam, from the Christian perspective (if they were to be seen as an enemy) is to love them (see Jesus) not declare that America was created to wipe them out. Unfortunately the pastor of the church I last served at had that kind of mindset. He suggested that we drop a nuclear bomb on Iraq…didn’t stick around too long after that myself.

John Hagee a megachurch pastor in the great nation of Texas said that Hitler was a tool of God to punish Israel. Bad move. And terrible exegesis of the bible as well.

I suppose as politicians continue to hound the evangelical vote they may begin to apply more wisdom and have the people on their staff read these people’s books and listen to their sermons before they get into bed with them.