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Part IV: So Loving My Neighbor Isn’t Part of the Gospel?

16 Jun

I find it interesting that when the writers of scripture and the Spirit of God are involved in describing Jesus they have a lot of material to choose from. The have images, metaphors, stories that they can draw upon and with all the linguistic tools of man and God they describe Jesus in this way: sinless, died in the prime of life, none of his bones broken in his death, died at twilight, enters the temple on the 10th of Abib (lamb selection day).

To anyone who is familiar with the Jewish tradition these are all descriptions of the sacrificial lamb of Exodus chapter 12. This would possibly bring thoughts to your mind such as: last time a lamb appeared on the scene that fit this description it meant that there was a people being set free. If Jesus is the new lamb…then there is a new Exodus occurring, there is a new Egypt, a new Pharaoh and a brand new kind of slavery.

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Part III: So Loving My Neighbor Isn’t Part of the Gospel

9 Jun

Two people made in the image of God…

Radiohead – All I Need

Part II: So Loving My Neighbor isn’t the Gospel?

9 Jun

To give a little background on this continual discussion that is going on inside of my brain you can check out this post that I reposted a couple weeks ago called FREEDOM IN THE BRICKYARD or you can click the link below.

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